Here at Juice Junky we produce a range of highly nutritious cold pressed juices & blend ups, dehydrated snacks & bite, a range of raw bars, salads & much more. All with the same thing in mind. Healthy balanced & nutritious.

Juice Junky is a lifestyle based around healthy living to maintain a happy lifestyle. We aim to deliver the healthiest possible product based on nutritional facts using many types of established superfoods, seeds, nuts, grains & of course fruit & vegetables.

Juice Junky do not use traditional high powered centrifugal juicers you see in most juice bars in Europe. We use a much more superior methods certified to extract the ultimate amount of living nutrition from produce, using different equipment for different types of fruit & vegetables. This is called 'cold pressed' juicing of which we use at two separate methods to extracted juice. No high power, No friction, No heat - No nutrition or living enzymes lost!